Top 6 Habit Tracking Apps For Android In 2018






  • Basic yet effective
    Application layout is simple, one may easily customize it the method one wants.
  • Free and open up source
    The application is open source and totally free to use, without any kind of ads.
  • Supports flexible plans (certain number of days every single week)
    The versatile schedule feature allows you in order to set the habit for the specific number of days every 7 days. For instance, "Wake up in 7am" 5 days a 7 days. This way you don't have got to replace the habits often, or risk losing your ability.
  • No way to track statistical habits
    There will be currently no feature that enables you to track the amount done of a certain habit (for example, "X glasses associated with water", "X pushups" etc. ).


  • Very intuitive to make use of
    The app offers a very clean interface that will is intuitive to navigate. All of data is displayed in the clear way that you may quickly understand quickly.
  • Facilitates local and Dropbox backup
    It can be set up to back up to the local drive/device or to Dropbox.
  • Restricted number of goals
    You can only track five goals for free, if a person want to track more a person have to pay.


  • Work schedule feature is in the functions
  • Early integration along with Outlook
  • Can make use of peer pressure to motivate
    The app allows generating a party with other individuals and go on a pursuit together. Here, your actions impact not only you, but everyone otherwise in the party as nicely. If you fail a job, the party loses health, in case you develop a task, the particular party gains experience, etc.
  • Gamifies the process to encourage
    The app requires cues from role doing provides by having a system that will rewards certain behaviour with encounter points, levels, gear upgrades. This also allows you to fixed custom rewards that you arrive up with yourself like viewing an episode of your preferred TV show.
  • Cross-platform (android, iOS, Windows 10)
  • May cause needless stress
    As with most gamified techniques it includes punishments for disappointments. Fear of failure can result in stress and failures can demotivate.
  • Overly complicated
  • Occasional bugs and laggyness
    Can be buggy plus sometimes crash.




Web / iOS and Android




  • Has various ways of knowing if a person did your habit
  • Contextual motivational quotes
    The app will display rates depending on the category associated with the task. When the job is related to reading, the particular quote will be about reading through, etc.
  • Has its own methods of knowing if you do your habit.
  • Slow plus laggy
    The application can be quite slow to open plus make entries.


  • Add amount of repetitions each day
  • Choose any day from the particular week
  • Multiple alerts for the same task
  • Habit need to set upon a specific day (e. gary the gadget guy. Mon) rather than twice for each week


  • Functionality-rich
    Integrated sharing, note using, habit tracking, and outlining create this a far more powerful tool compared to a simple listing of to-dos.
  • Routine reminder doesn't raise a notice
    Their support mentioned the codebases from tasks plus habits are different so that will they can't use the exact same notification system from tasks directly into habits, and the only method to get notified about behavior is via email.


Android / iOS and Web / WatchOS




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